Worlds Most Noxious Computer Viruses: Symptoms, Effects, Removal

Worlds Most Noxious Computer Viruses

Computer viruses, as horrifying as they may appear, are a huge nightmare which can muddle your PC performance considerably. Intuitively, they are created to destroy your entire hard drive data and making it vulnerable and defective. Getting wrecked by a system virus has occurred to all of us in one way or the other. Sometimes, it gives a bland trouble to users to clean up the computer nevertheless, it can be a complete debacle in some scenarios, thereby making your computer into a mayhem which no antivirus program can safeguard. PC viruses do not just slow your PC down and irritate you with ads and pop-ups. Viruses can also steal your bank credentials, capture your data and moreover wipe out your Entire Hard Drive Data. Let’s have glance at some of the Worlds Most Noxious Computer Viruses in history.


Worlds Most Noxious Computer Viruses: Countdown

5. Sasser Virus:

sasser virusApproximated Devastation : $10 million
Sasser was a Windows worm which was detected in 2004. Seemingly, it would slow down and crash the computer’s hard drive and moreover making it tough to reset without cutting the electricity. And its results were unusually cumbersome as well, with millions of computers being attacked and critical. The virus run on a buffer overflow susceptibility in Local Security Authority Subsystem Service (LSASS) which watches the safety policy of local accounts making hard drives crash. This involved essential foundations like hospitals brand new agencies, airlines and public transportation.

 4. My Doom Virus

MyDoom virusApproximated Devastation : $38 billion.
My Doom entered the malware world in 2004 and spread aggressively via email with random addresses of senders and with subject lines. My Doom wrecked the cyber world by influencing an outstanding denial of service (DOS) assault. It communicated itself through emails in a uniquely stealthy method which a receiver would initially took as a bounced error message which states “Mail Transaction Failed.” But, as soon as the receiver clicked on the message, the attachment execute itself and the virus transmitted to email addresses found in the users account.


ILOVEYOU threatApproximated Devastation : 10 to 15 billion dollars
Possibly, Worlds Most Noxious Computer Viruses ever developed, the ILOVEYOU virus managed to damage computers all across the globe. The virus mainly transmitted through emails with a subject stating “ILOVEYOU,” which is a fundamental human emotion which nobody can avoid. To make it even more tempting, the email included an attachment which stated something like this: Love-Letter-For-You.TXT.vbs. The minute anyone opened the file, the virus emailed itself to the 1st 50 contacts available in the computers Windows address book.


2. Code Red

code red virusApproximated Devastation : 2.6 billion dollars
Taking benifits of the Microsoft Internet Information Server’s weakness, Code Red infiltrate on the network servers in 2001. Here’s an interesting point about this perilous virus—it did not require you to open an email attachment or execute a file, it just needed an active Internet connection with that it demolished the Web page which you opened by showing a text “Hacked by Chinese!” And within a week, the virus took down over 400,000 servers which involved the White House Web server as well.

1. Melissa Virus

Approximated Devastation : $300 to 600 million
Melissa virus became the smashing bulletin on March 26, 1999 after attacking the brand new emailing platform. Created by David L, Melissa transmitted in the way of an email attachment named list.doc. As soon as the person opened the attachment, the virus would located the Microsoft Outlook address book and email itself to the 1st 50 contacts on the list stating a message which read “Here is that document you asked for, don’t show anyone else.”

With that, we conclude the list of Worlds Most Noxious Computer Viruses.

Most Vicious Viruses of Recent Times

In recent times, cyber crooks have managed to develop perilous threat to Wrecked Entire Hard Drive Data and create panic among users. Some of the most atrocious viruses which is creating devastating effects nowadays are KeRanger Ransomware, Locky Ransomware, Samsum Virus, Cryptolocker and many more.

Removal Solution:

If you have got infected with Worlds Most Noxious Computer Viruses or any Vicious Viruses of Recent Times there’s no need to panic and frustrate at all, as removal to these dangerous viruses is possible and easy in simple steps. To remove any kind of computer virus follow the link below:

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