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In an extremely digitalized world, USB drives have made an astonishing impact in terms of data storage. This is one of the major factors which has helped to urge the so called information revolution, which made data more effectively and universally accessible. In this digital age, USB flash drives are being used in various places to perform different kinds of tasks. One of the foremost and necessary tasks which USB are usually asked to do is to store, organize or circulate the data. Indeed, one of the best benefits of USB media drive is the ability to store plenty of data in a comparatively small space that, eventually, saves organizations a great deal of money on storage space. However, at the same time there will be little doubt as to the convenience and cost-effectiveness of digital storage, it must be handled with care to confirm that the info is safe from being lost or taken. Therefore, keeping the data security in perspective Kingston has launched Kingston Hardware Encrypted USB Drives.

Right from governments, big business firms and users like us have to be more careful while executing sensitive informations. Therefore, to secure your digital data Kingston, which is the topmost brand in memory products has introduced 2 new Kingston Hardware Encrypted USB Drives which can be managed with SafeConsole by DataLocker. The 1st USB flash drive is DataTraveler 4000G2 which is managed with Management (DT4000G2DM) and the 2nd is DataTraveler Vault Privacy 3.0 with Management (DTVP30DM) resolves the requirements of organizations which are needed to satisfy Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) and secure informations at the topmost level.


What Is Hardware Encryption

USB drives have become a customary removable media as they are small, conveniently swappable between different systems and can be read and rewritten. Having your USB flash drive encrypted suggest that if the media drive is lost or stolen, your confidential data will not be easily recovered. Hardware encrypted USB drives comes with a tiny chip which manages the encryption and they are configured with 2 logical volumes a small, hidden one and a larger one in which your information stores. This is exactly like a hidden drive partitions on laptop drives for software recovery. As soon as the drive is attached in for the very first time after being removed from its packaging you will be required to enter a password. Once the password is created, the larger partition is encrypted and the password will be needed every time the drive is plugged in. Once the password is entered, the drive acts like any other flash drive.

Let’s Know More About Kingston Hardware Encrypted USB Drives

DataTraveler 4000G2DataTraveler 4000G2 and DataTraveler Vault Privacy 3.0 devices has been tagged as Kingston Hardware Encrypted USB Drives will be used as a groomed answer through the SafeConsole Encryption Management Platform from DataLocker Inc. which is Kingston’s associate for encrypted USB flash drive management.

Both brand new Kingston Hardware Encrypted USB Drives are 256-bit AES hardware encrypted and FIPS certified (DT4000G2DM is FIPS 140-2 Level three validated; DTVP30DM is FIPS 197 certified) that makes sure supreme company and private data security. Moreover, SafeConsole is the solely protected USB management platform for secure USB drives with real and valid password management which operates well with each remote and native. The platform also permits users activation of full audit trails, secure resetting of forgotten passwords, automatic inventory, geofencing to confirm cross-border compliance, geolocation and a remote kill function if the device is lost or stolen.

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DataTraveler Vault Privacy 3.0

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The European Union (EU) in near future execute the General Data Protection Regulation, that authorizes that companies ought to strengthen their digital infrastructure or will have to face massive fines. Device-level management which enables Control over LAN and web connections should also be taken into account of companies structural policy. Kingston Hardware Encrypted USB Drives allows superior tracking and auditing of information associated with a specific company. Organizations must develop excellent procedure to secure data away from the company’s anti-virus security softwares.

Human faults, virus or malware infections and technical breakdown will put employees and company data in danger. Hence Companies, agencies and organizations got to adopt a security policy better before any mishap occurs and thus Kingston has gone one more step ahead from its competitors by manufacturing Kingston Hardware Encrypted USB Drives.

Kingston’s DT4000G2DM and DTVP30DM are available in 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB and 64GB storage capacity, and with 5 year warranty, free technical support service and fabulous Kingston dependability.

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