Recently I have number of raw images of Cr2 file, but by mistake they get deleted, and I was unable to restore them after deletion. Whenever I open this file in image viewer, it seems to be fine, but when I open it using another Program as Adobe Photoshop, it seems corrupted. Hence, whether there is possibility to open this corrupted image file safely?

The answer of this question is YES, there is a possibility to open and recover your RAW Image file. You should refer some third-party tool that get developed by experts, in order to restore corrupted Cr2 files. This type of tool generally contains advanced algorithm and can be used to extract all corrupted RAW Images timely and safely.

There might be lots of online programs that advertised to recover your Cr2 files, but the real fact is that you will find that very few of them are working, when you try to rescue your files. It makes the feeling of hopeless and helpless. Hence, after endless efforts and failures, you will find that there is not an efficient recovery software that can recover your corrupted Cr2 File. That’s why you are strongly recommended to rely on best Cr2 recovery Software that works well, in order to rescue your lost Cr2 files from your Canon Camera with the ease, whenever you need. You can also refer Adobe Forum to recover deleted Cr2 files from your digital camera.

Common Cr2 Errors With Their Solutions :

Error 1 : Cr2 files are not recognized

Solution : Method 1

Update your software that is used to open Cr2 files.

Solution : Method 2

Show the file extensions by following further steps to repair Cr2 file

  • At first, in search Type Control Panel.

  • Then just goto the Appearance and Personalization.
  • Now, click on the File Explorer Options.
  • In the Explorer Options dialog box click on View Tab.
  • Then unchecked the option as “Hide Extensions for known file types”.

Solution : Method 3

However, just convert it to the RAW Formats such as DNG, EF, ARW, SR2, KDC and other similar format.


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Error 2 : Files not found : Clock L-XV.cr2

Note : Clock L-XV.cr2 is a dll file that belongs to the software Ulead PhotoImpact. This error occurs when Ulead PhotoImpact is used to open Cr2 file.

Similar Causes :

  • Registry entries of Clock L-XV.cr2 dll file are get corrupted.
  • Some hardware issues are there.
  • Latest version of Clock L-XV.cr2 is get overwritten by older version that get installed by another new installed software.
  • Clock L-XV.cr2 is get deleted.

Note : Clock L-XV.cr2 affects the performance of the computer system.

Solution : Method 1

Run SFC / Scanner to repair your system files. Basically, System File Checker (SFC) is a windows inbuilt utility that repairs your corrupted system files.

  • First of all press Window button and Q.
  • In search box type Command Prompt.
  • From the menu, select Command Prompt and then right click option to choose “Run as Administrator”.
  • Finally type command sfc / scannow in command prompt and then press Enter key.

Solution : Method 2

Repair the registry using some online available tools such as Cleaner to repair Cr2 file.

Error 3 : Cause Error Due to Virus Attack

Major Causes Of Attack :

  • Use of virus infected storage media in system.
  • Download files from the unknown sites while using Internet.
  • Use of pirated software.

Solution : Method 1

Always run full system scan using trusted antivirus.

Solution : Method 2

  • Enable the Firewall in Windows 10 to recover Cr2 files.
  • Hold windows key and press X.
  • Select Control Panel.
  • Then choose “System and security” option >> Windows Firewall.
  • Check your Firewall Status >> Turn Windows Firewall on or off.
  • Under private network settings and public network settings turn on Windows Firewall.
  • Then click Ok.

Error 4 : Finder Can’t complete the operation because some data in “IMG_069.Cr2” can’t be read or write.

Solution : Method 1

Convert Your Cr2 file to file format Abobe DNG (Digital Negative) to preserve image file.

Solution : Method 2

If all these above situations fail to fix this issue, then you should prefer third-party software to restore your corrupted Cr2 files.

Also Visit : Canon Community Forum

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery : 1st Rank Software

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery is a best photo recovery software that you can buy. This is a award winning software whose developers understands the data loss especially when it comes to the cheerful family photos. This photo recovery software is easy to use, even for the novice users, and have no trouble in recovering their Cr2 files and other image files quickly. It will recover not just your photos, but also your images, music , videos, and other multimedia files, regardless the file has been deleted, lost or damaged. It will recover files from large number of devices such as Internal and External Hard Drives, memory cards , flash cards and much more.

Common Features Of Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery

  • Digital Photo Recovery
  • Audio File Recovery
  • Video File Recovery
  • Memory Card Recovery
  • Digital Camera Photo Recovery.

Best User Guide For Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery (Windows OS)

1. At first launch Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery and then click on Recover Photo, Audio, and Video to recover your lost or deleted multimedia files.

2. All the attached hard drives and media files are listed here, and you can select the desired drives or external media to recover your files.

3. You can also select the specific file format from Advanced settings buttons for the scanning progress and click on Scan now.

4. Here you can also select specific region from Advanced settings options.

5. This software will searches the all multimedia files from your selected media or drive while scanning is in progress.

6. After scanning all the files that are found in the selected volume, hard disk or other attached storage media are listed.

7. You can change the view of file list in the scan results. Here presenting the icon view of the listed files.

8. Here is the Column view of the listed files of Scan results.

9. Here is the Cover Flow view of the listed files of the scan results.

Complete User Guide For Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery (Mac OS)

1. This is the initial image of Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery for Mac. At first click on Recover Photos, Audio and Video button to recover your deleted or lost photos, audios and videos files.

2. All those attached drives and media files are listed below. Just select your desired drive and tap Scan Now option.

3. It will search all multimedia files from your selected drive.

4. After scanning the files, just tap Recover button to recover your desired file.

MiniTool Power Data Recovery : 2nd Rank Software

MiniTool Power Data Recovery is a paid data recovery software that can be used for the recovery of your deleted files, deleted partitions, and even digital media of flash drives. This program is very easy to use with the recovery wizards and easy to use an an interface. Furthermore, this MiniTool Power Data Recovery software not only recovers your data from Hard disk and RAID device, but also supports to recover data from CD, DVD disks, memory cards, memory stick and flash drive.

Functional Modules To Recovers All Lost Data

  • Undelete Recovery
  • Damaged Partition Recovery
  • Lost Partition Recovery
  • Digital Media Recovery
  • CD / DVD Recovery
  • Working With Found Data.
  • Find file by name.
  • Load Previous Recovery result.

Steps By Step Data Recovery Using MiniTool Power Data Recovery For Windows OS

1. At first launch the program and then choose an Appropriate Functional Module.

2. After choosing the module, users need to select the target device and scan where data loss appears. For example take Damaged Partition recovery.

3. After successful scan, you can preview and recover your needed files. All found files will be shown as follows.

Steps To Recover Cr2 File Using MiniTool Power Data Recovery For Mac OS

1. First of all download this program and then select the right recovery module for Mac .

2. Then after select a disk or the partitions to scan your entire disk drive.

3. Finally, after completion of scanning process, you can easily preview your lost files and save out.

Remo Photo Recovery : 3rd Rank Software

Remo Photo Recovery is the best recovery software because it posted the highest recovery rates for raster images, including JPGs and other Canon RAW file image as Cr2 format. This is one of the easiest program to use. With this software you can easily recover your photos without any headache. This is regarded as the perfect tool in order to get back your lost photos that get deleted in any situations. This tool efficiently performs the recovery of photos from various storage devices like Hard disk drive, USB drive, flash memory cards, memory stick, SD cards, digital cameras and other external devices. This helps to restore photos that are lost while formatting any of the above mentioned storage devices, or even after reinstalling the operating system.

Possible Features Of Remo Photo Recovery Software 

  • Fast scanning process that recovers all your missing as well as deleted data from your system.
  • Supports recovery of data from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, HFS. HFSX.
  • Also retrieves data that get lost due to formatting of hard drive or any partitions errors.
  • Supports recovery of more than 300 different file formats.
  • Files can be searched and recovered easily that are based on their unique signatures.

Best CR2 Recovery Solution With The Help Of Remo Photo Recovery (Windows OS)

  • Launch Remo Photo Recovery, and from main Window, just click on Recover Files, and then go to the next window.

  • After that select either Recover Lost Files or Recovered Deleted files as per your convenience.

  • Then select the drive from which you want to restore files from list of displayed logical drives.

  • Now, click on Next button to begin the scanning process. After that, a huge list of files gets displayed on your screen.

  • Recovered data can be viewed in two options as File Type View and Data View.

  • Hence, using an option as Preview, you can view your recovered files in advance before saving them.

  • Lastly, select and store the required files, in any specific destination.

Easy Steps To recover Cr2 Files Using Remo Photo Recovery (MAC OS)

1. Download Remo Photo Recovery and select Recover Files option among three options displayed.

2. Then after click on Recover Deleted Files or Recover Lost Files, based on the loss scenario.

3. Then after select the drive / partitions from which the data get lost.

4. You can also select the appropriate scan option to recover your deleted files.

5. You can also preview your recovered files to evaluate the chances of recovery.

6. Save the recovery option.

7. Later on you can activate the software and then load previously saved recovery session by clicking on Open Recovery Session option.

8. Finally save the recovered files on any location of your choice.

PhotoRec Software : Best Free Tool To Recover Cr2 Corrupted File

PhotoRec is a free downloadable software that is made for both Windows as well as Mac system. It helps the user in recovering their lost images that come from the memory card, and retrieve so many types of files that were lost as video file, documents or records that are stored on the hard disk or CD-ROM. It operates if the file system is severely damaged or formatted. On other hand, it will not trying to write to your hard drive or other storage medium that you want to recover. This is the extension of TestDisk Software, that allows user to recover partitions that have been lost on large volume of files.

Salient Features Of PhotoRec

  • PhotoRec recovers all lost photos of different formats.
  • This software is compatible with so many different platforms.
  • It can be used for recovering your data from another storage devices.
  • Restores the documents, archives, songs and videos in addition to photos.
  • Ignores large system files when recovering deleted or lost media files.
  • Also saves your recovered files on an alternate location.
  • Open some source software that is available as free of cost.

Clear Instructions To Recover Lost Image File Using PhotoRec (Windows OS)

1. First of all right click on the Photorec_win.exe and tap Run As Administrator.

2. Then you have to select the Disk then proceed, now, hit Enter.

3. Just select the partitions table as INTEL – Intel / PC Partitions, press Enter.

4. Now, select the partition File Opt, tap Enter.

5. Them choose the file types that you desire to recover by entering X against Type. Now, press b to save those settings.

6. It give you the information that your settings has been saved. Finally press Enter.

7. Press Enter to then return to the Main Menu.

8. Select the Search and tap Enter to start file recovery.

9. Choose the file system type and then hit Enter.

10. Select Entire partition and hit Enter.

11. Choose the destination to save and press C.

12. If you have already pressed Enter, a Window appears, now press C again and wait for the while.

13. Finally files get recovered.

Possible Method To Rescue Deleted Files With Help Of PhotoRec (MAC OS)

1. First of all download PhotoRec, and then extract it to anywhere, that you want to recover your deleted files.

2. This software requires root access to your data. Hit Enter to restart and input your password to go ahead.

3. Once this software running, choose device that you want to recover from.

4. Then you are prompted to choose a partition, along with few options at bottom.

5. You can simply see what you can recover, leave everything as default and hit Search. It ask you that you are using EXT2/ EXT3 file system, choose Other.

6. Now, you are prompted to scan the entire volume or unallocated space.

7. Final prompt will ask where you like to recover your data. Finally hit C to start the process.

8. Lastly, it managed to recover more data, despite erasing and writing to volume data twice.

Download PhotoRec

Final Course Of Action : Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery is known to be most comprehensive software to restore the photos, music, videos, and other files that get lost from the accidental deletion, corruption or formatting. Its impressive features will allow image recovery from other digital cameras, SD memory card, external storage, USB sticks, and even from the hard drives.

Main Characteristics Of Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery

  • Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery recovers photos from entire digital cameras, memory cards, all Internal and external media.
  • It will also recovers your lost or deleted MXF movies,HD-MOV and other Adobe EPS files.
  • Also facilitates the recovery of more than 100 million multimedia files.
  • Recover lost photos due to formatting or corruption of storage media.
  • Retrieves the deleted pictures with their original date and time shipping, camera model and their file names.

Simple Installation Steps For Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery

1. First of all double click on the StellarPhoenixPhotoRecovery.exe file and tap Run to start Setup Wizard. A Setup Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery dialog box is displayed on your screen.

2. Now, click Next. A License Agreements dialog box is displayed.

3. Select the I accept agreement option. Tap Next. Select Destination Location Dialog box is displayed.

4. Now, specify a destination in the text box. Tap Next. Choose Start Menu folder dialog box is displayed.

5. Also specify a destination in the text box. Click Next. Select Additional Tasks dialog box is displayed.

6. Choose the required check boxes for creating desktop icon and quick launch of software. Tap Next.

7. In Ready to Install dialog box, verify those settings. Tap Back to make any changes, or click to Install, to install this software.

8. After completing the successful installation, the Completing the Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Setup Wizard open on your screen. Finally tap Finish.


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