Having trustworthy and frequent backups of your Mac should be treated a obligatory part of maintenance, and for almost all users Time Machine gives that with simple and effective way. However, what if you wish to have multiple backups saved at different places such as backup at your house and another at your office or maybe a backup at home and portable backup drive for traveling? Now with the latest Mac OS X Mountain Lion version you can easily Create Multiple Hard Drives Via Time Machine Backup.

Create Multiple Hard Drives With Time Machine

To have a complete system backup for any computer is an extremely suggested setup, however a fancied setup is to have excessive backups in the same location. Although Apple has provided its Time Machine facility as a fairly powerful backup solution for OS X users, the service has been restricted to a single backup drive only and didn’t support any redundancy choices. However, In Mountain Lion this has changed and now you can Create Multiple Hard Drives Via Time Machine for the same machine. In Mountain Lion, Apple has fixed the requirement for these more intricate setups by supporting multiple drives in Time Machine.

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About Time Machine Backup

time machine backupTime Machine is more than only backup tool for Macintosh system. It is also an archival tool. It keeps moments in time for you to look back on, so you can retrieve deleted or lost files or even revert to older versions of files that you have previously worked on. Time Machine saves hourly backups for 24 hours, daily backups for the gone by months and weekly backups for all earlier months on given space you have on your Time Machine backup drive. The oldest backups get removed or erased when the drive filled up. One can use a single Time Machine backup drive with numerous Macs. You can also use your Macintosh system with more than one Time Machine backup drive and Create Multiple Hard Drives Via Time Machine easily.

Disk Rotation Scheme With Time Machine

Well, if you’ve setup your Time Machine back up to one location, you can also add a new location and the system will alternate between them on an hourly basis. Hence, if you have a Time Capsule and another hard drive or USB drive both set up, the 1st time the machine backs up it will create a full backup on the Time Capsule, and the 2nd time it will do backup of another hard drive and carry on this sequence until both the drives are available. If you have 3 backup drives set, then it will in the same way take rounds using each one to make and update the backups. Therefore, Create Multiple Hard Drives Via Time Machine.

Time Machine will only backup only the drives which are present, so if you remove one however keep the others hooked up, then the Mac will carry on to rotate through them and automatically include the removed drive when you reconnect it again. Setting this up is pretty easy and simple you just need to follow the below mentioned steps:

Reference : https://www.backblaze.com/blog/use-multiple-hard-drives-time-machine/

Create Multiple Hard Drives Via Time Machine: Steps

  • Connect the second drive to Create Multiple Hard Drives Via Time Machine to Mac – if the drive is new you might require to format it 1st for OS X compatibility by taking help of Disk Utility .


  • Open Time Machine and Click on the Time Machine , then click on Open Time Machine preferences.
  • Click Select Disk

Open Time Machine

  • Ignore the already selected Backup Disks part and go to Available Disks option and select the other drive which you want to rotate, then click Use Disk.

Use Disk

  • Now the Time Machine will ask you if you wish to change the current backup drive or use both drives then Select Use Both.

Use Both

Now, Time Machine will back up every particular drive that you have attached. Later, When you want to check on your Time Machine backups all you require to perform is just click on Time Machine icon in your menu bar and then hold down the option key. You will found Browse Other Backup Disks option.

Add Other Drive

You can use that to go through whatever Time Machine records you would prefer. Exact procedure works if you combine a Time Machine backup drive with Apple Time Capsule. You can easily back up to both the devices and Create Multiple Hard Drives Via Time Machine effectively. By applying the above process your data will be backed up on 2 or more drives. You can leave one drive at home and leave the other in the office.

For More Info Visit – http://www.cnet.com/how-to/how-to-use-multiple-disks-with-time-machine-in-mountain-lion/

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