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External storage gadgets are the perfect answer for your backup requirements whether you are a professional individual or small business firm and with the digital expansion of videos, movies games and apps, external storage is additionally essential than ever before. The price segment of external external hard drives has dipped sharply because of a extremely competitive storage market that has forced makers to design and come up with modernistic methods of wrapping the dumb drives into smarter, even thought a little bit lavish.

In its modest form, an external hard drive is no more than an precinct with a little bit of physical science affixed in and an enclosed hard disc drive stuck to that. On the hand of the spectrum, additionally detailed and improved hard drives which are upgraded with automatic backup, advanced networking options and Superior range of capabilities. There are innumerable storage devices ( external hard drives) out there on the market which means that everyone’s desires will be gratified.

Before, We Move Ahead Let us know about various types of External Hard drives:-

There are basically 3 types of external hard drives available in market

  • Desktop hard drive
  • Pocket hard disk also known as portable hard disk
  • Solid Sate Drive (SSD)

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Desktop Hard Drive

desktop hard driveDesktop hard drives mainly consists of a 3.5 inch spinning disk mechanism and needs external power supply to function. It should be placed close to the PC and is connected via USB cable. The 3.5 inch encompasses a most capability of 4 Tera Byte. Every desktop hard disk comes with cooling fan to extend the life of that particular drive.

Another class of desktop hard drives are called multiple external drives that contains 2 or more hard disks in one case. They are also referred to as RAIDs (Redundant Array of Independent Disks). The main benefits of RAIDs are:

Advantages are:

1. More space for storing
2. Increased speed
3. Advanced protection

Disadvantages are:

1. Little Bit Complex
2. Expensive

There are many levels for RAIDs such 0,1,2,3 … for high protection of information and data you must opt for 1, 5 or 10 and other levels have excellent speed, capability etc… The attributes differs with each levels.

Pocket or Portable Hard Diskportable hard drive

Unlike desktop HDD, you can carry these drives with you anywhere. They consists of 1.8 inch. Or 2.5 inch of spinning disk mechanism. The most important aspect of portable hard disk is that they don’t need power adapter.

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Solid State Drive (SSD)


They have no moving components such as spinning disk mechanism. Thus encompasses an extremely high data transfer speed with USB 3.0 or above. They’re usually employed in notebooks as their size is small as compared to other HDD. They even have a tremendous shock resistance functionality. However the performance gets slower if you plugged them into USB 2.0 port. Nowadays, they are gaining huge popularity and replacing the big and slower external hard drive, in upcoming years you will see lots of advanced SSD drives at an affordable price.

Essential Factors To Consider While Buying An External Hard Drive


speedAs we have discussed earlier a hard drive comprises of a spinning disk mechanism. Speed of the hard drive is basically the speed of spinning that is measured in R.P.M (Revolutions Per Minute). Mostly hard drives have an R.PM of 5400 or 7200. However there some hard drives available in market with increased range like 10000 rpm. To add, you must know that as rpm increases copying speed of data additionally increases. People who work with massive files like video editing or graphics designing works must take into account and buy a high rpm drives.


External Hard disks are attached to the system via USB cable hence the copying speed also additionally depends on the kind of connecting port you are using. USB 2.0 port works with lower rpm whereas USB 3.0 works with greater rpm. To elaborate this, USB 2.0 port support a maximum transfer speed of 60MB/s whereas USB 2.0 supports 600MB/s. Its clearly visible that USB 3.0 is 10 times quicker than 2.0. Hence you should buy an external drive with USB 3.0 port.


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Most of the external hard drives features a storage capacity between 120GB and 10TB. You must Opt for one that matches to your requirements. For private use like storing movies, music files, applications, videos and games 2 TB are going to be enough. However, user who deals with larger files (video editors, graphic designers, game developers) ought to store them firmly and must have to buy hard disk with larger storage capacity.


When it comes to buying an external disk a brand is an essential factor. You don’t want to lose your valuable and priceless data in some cheap brands for the sake of amount. It’s eternally safe to shop for from a acknowledged and renowned manufacturer. Some of the trustworthy and reliable brands are:- Seagate, Western Digital, Toshiba, Buffalo, iOmega, Transcend and G Technology.


Another factor is that external hard disks get broken or damaged regularly. Several HDDs suddenly fail without any prior notice. So, it’s better to purchase a HDD with a minimum of 2 Year warranty.


Desktop HDDs need power supply to work with and don’t seem to be portable. Since they accommodates moving elements, portability could be a real issue. Hard drives will wear out simply attributable to the trembling and jiggling caused by journey. If you travel regularly and your drive is the only buddy throughout, rummage around for rugged hard disks. Rugged hard drives can stand up to most of the shocks.


securityNowadays, most of the external hard drive comes with password protection features that is incredibly helpful in securing the data from theft. Hard disks with advanced and prominent protection like fingerprint recognition must be the preferred choice.

To Wrap Up Things….

Change is obligatory and HDDs will be subjected to alter. Storage space and speed will increase and lots of advanced technologies are going to be introduced but these essential factors will remain constant and you must consider these points while purchasing an external hard drive.

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