Macintosh Hard Drive Crash Recovery

Macintosh Hard Drive Crash are never fun however they are a hardcore reality of computing life. Sometimes drives can go along for several years before going faulty or defective, and other times you end up with a drive that goes dead after just a few months of general use. Regardless of when it occurs , here we are going to focus on the most easiest tips to recover crucial files and data from the crashed Mac hard drive.

What Is Macintosh Hard Drive Crash?

Types of Hard drive crash

Macintosh Hard Drive Crash mainly incorporates logical damage and physical damage. The logical damage refers to soft failure while physical damage is hardware failure, that could barely be repaired. Commonly, logical damage contains track servo information error, system information error partition table lost/damage, MBR damage, and section logical error. This types of wreckage is generally not difficult to be retrieve, you just have to take assistance of a professional and reliable third party tool. However, physical damage point out to the damage of each component of the Mac hard drive. The wreckage portion must be changed to get hard drive work traditionally once more. Circuit board’s short circuit, Scratches on platter, chip burning and head wear are all comprised in this kind of Macintosh Hard Drive Crash. Although physical damage might also be fixed however, all essential data which was on physically damaged drive may be lost forever. That’s why we should be as careful while using any PC.


As soon as your Macintosh Hard drive crash it begins to show signs of trouble. Sometimes you will regularly get errors while accessing saved files and folders. If you are doubtful that there is some problem with your hard drive. First of all, open Apple’s Disk Utility and select Repair Disk from the First Aid window. Optimistically, it should fix the issue. However, there is a slight problem, Repair Disk is obscure and you can not select it. You may be wondering but why? It is because OS X can’t do repairs on an active startup drive. Well, you can still use Repair Permissions, that might help in certain scenarios. So what do you do as an alternative? That totally rely upon what Macintosh you own, how you have set them up, and what other preventive measures you have taken earlier to the start of the issue.

Recognizing A Macintosh Hard Drive Crash Problem

For users knowledge, there are 6 signs that may signify a Macintosh Hard Drive Crash and bad sector/track. So, you must pay enough consideration to those signs so that it can help you to recover your precious data in time from hard drive before it lastly becomes dead or crashed.


  1. A weird sound will come from Mac when you start it normally. Macintosh Hard Drive Crash
  2. You will get one of these error message such as General Failure Reading Drive C: , Sector Not Found error or Data Error Reading Drive D: which results in boot failure and malware infection is also incorporated.
  3. Scandisk is inevitable runs to detect disk error every time as soon as system is booted successfully.
  4. While performing FDISK to Mac hard disk, you found out that it stuck at some point and it keeps going forward and backward continuously.
  5. When you decide to format a particular partition on hard drive, the whole procedure is stuck in some stages and error lastly occurs, making you end up in failure.
  6. Hard drive read error shows up regularly meanwhile the files are reading or executing a program, indicating file corruption. Apart from that, if the disk reading process takes too much time or the blue screen shows up during reading, it also indicates that there is bad sector/track on hard drive.

Here’s A Solution:

All the above mentioned issues suggests that, you might be in big trouble due to Macintosh Hard Drive Crash because your essential and priceless data which is saved on the drive will encounter a severe crash. Macintosh Hard Drive Crash will result in data loss forever. Well, there’s no need to panic at all, if you have lost your data from Mac Hard drive you can still recover those files without any hassle by taking assistance of a powerful and authentic third party tool.

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